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Chilton’s house looked very cold and sterile.  Pretty much everything we saw was light colored, or white, sleek, and modern looking.  I was talking to Jae about it and he made the comment that it looked like Chilton moved into the house and left it the way it was.  I mean, obviously he did change it in some way because it is where he lives, but its easy to joke about because of how bland everything is.

I think there was something exciting about getting to see the inside of Chilton’s house, because it is an extension of his character.  It shows us another side of him.  Its a very open place, very light colored, which is much different from where he works.  At the hospital, the lighting and color schemes are all very dark, so maybe the reason for the contrast is wanting a happy, open, place.  It also leads me to believe that he prefers daytime over nighttime, which makes quite a bit of sense.

You’d think, much like the way he dresses, that there would be some obvious similarities between Chilton’s home and Hannibal’s home, but there is not one — except maybe all of the corpses.  I think that’s interesting as well.



"Flawless characters don’t exis-"


Winston > Everything

  • Hannibal: We even finish each other's s-
  • Will: Shut the fuck up, Hannibal.

Team Sassy Science (living up to its name)

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consider the following:

  • chilton wearing sweaters over his dress shirt and tie
  • chilton in dorky shorts and sandals at his house in the summer
  • chilton floating in his pool in one of those inflatable chairs w/ a glass of premade lemonade
  • chilton being an awful cook despite his state of the art kitchen and burning 80% of things
  • generally chilton being cute and happy

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I T ’ S  F I N E  T O  B E  W E I R D .

Is your social worker in that horse?
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Zeller looks like he might need to sit down:

Price will never be the same…


If you say so…

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hugh dancy saying ‘wow’ - please just push play


i’m laughing a hannibal ad just came on tv and my mum goes ‘god that food looks amazing i could eat that right now’
mum no